Royal Ascot Fashion do's and don'ts

Royal Ascot is the highlight of Britain’s social and fashion calendar as far as ladies days go. This is no time to experiment and its is certainly no place for a maxi dress, they belong on the beach! It’s one of those events when you see alot of people in the public eye play it safe, and with good reason the Queen is there! I like to think of it like putting on your Sunday best to see your granny, now look at your outfit, would granny approve? You don’t have to go in some boring highneck dress by any means this is high fashion and it can always be classy and still out there, so experiment with colours, hats and bags but just remeber your Queen is present!

To help inspire you for the day I have dug through the archives of google to remind us of how to get it really right and really wrong!

Celebrities getting it right and wrong

Starting at the top, with Kate Middleton , the Duchess of Cambridge

This Classic look is just perfect, much like her. Its beautifully summery with the lace and cream, a great length for someone with height and an amazing hat to top it off!

Next is Made in Chelsea Star Kimberly Garner, someone who should know better and you expect more from. Not once but three times she has got it wrong, this is not a polo match!

First up is this long disaster, the material is all wrong and long dresses like this are for the beach, the hat looks out of place with the style of dress and it’s far too revealing in my opinion!

She has gone from one extreme to the other! This could be a great outfit but it’s far too short and its badly paired with the hat and shoes which look like they are from different outfits.

Third time luck was not the case, one big rule of Ascot is no midriff on show, the top and skirt also don’t match and the hat is far too casual.

Taking it back to the right side of the track we have the stunning Pippa Middleton

This effortless outifit keeps it simple and elegant, a simple summer dress with a matching hat, bag and shoes. All muted colours so you can’t go wrong, some might say this is playing it safe but i think it suits her style.

Keeping it classy we take a look at one of Katherine Jenkins past outfits.

I just love this look, the hat is very current and fashionable, I love the futuristic twist the belt gives it and the dress is perfect for her shape, a great length and colour!

As you can see you can really go one way or the other and I would recommend keeping Katherine's outfit in mind when heading out to the shops this year for me it ticks all the boxs and is still young and fun!

My Favourite fashion Do's

Keeping it class

I just love this look, the hat is very current and fashionable with a great pop of colour, I love the classic twist the belt gives it and the dress is perfect for her shape, a great length and well put together

Pop of Colour

I think this red look is one of my all time favourites, it has everything an Ascot outfit needs, plus it's completely timeless! The dress fits her perfectly and is flattering to her shape, she has co-ordinated it well with the red shoes and nude bag too keeping it nice and simple.

Samantha Bark

Another vision in white, this outfit takes a traditional approach and works so well. The touch of colour from her bag and shoes is subtle but just enough, I also love the fact she added a broach to the coat something we see less and less of these days but works so well.

My favourite fashion DON’TS

Don’t ever and I repeat ever wear a mens top hat! It’s a look that has been done too many times and never looks good.

Nor should you try and turn it into some kind of Disney story!

Don’t ever buy anything in this material, I can only describe this as something that looks like it came out of a box of Quality Street.

Don’t wear a strapless dress, in some enclosures it is allowed but, I just don’t think Royal Ascot is the place for them!

Just don’t, this outfit attracts attention for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t over do the fake tan, your outfit is much more than just a dress so don’t ruin it with fake tan!

Don’t look like you should be holding toilet rolls!

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