Top 5 Jockey Mistakes - Misjudging the Winning Post & More

1) James Ridley. You may remember earlier in the year amature jockey James Ridley thought he had snatched victory when he slowed to a stroll being 12 lengths clear. Little did he know Triangular was finishing very well and fast approaching. Triangular managed to gallop past James Ridley to win the race 3 lengths out. Ridley was subsequently banned for 28 days for this misjudgment. He won’t be doing that again.

2) Rafi Firdhaus. New Zealand apprentice jockey Rafi Firdhaus was riding in the fourth, a 1m 2f race. Unfortunately, Rafi had mistaken what he thought to have been victory. He still had another lap to go. Cries of “you haven’t won, son” can be heard over the pa system as the jockey realises his mistake.

3) Rhys McLeod. Australian Jockey Rhys McLeod went for home in the Moonee Valley straight. However, much like Rafi Firdhaus, Rhys McLeod still had another lap to go. This 3000 meter handicap saw McLeod mount finishing 72 lengths last. Consequently, McLeod was suspended for 2 months. Ouch.

4) Jordan Powell. Teenage jumps jockey Jordan Powell had any jumps jockeys worst nightmare. Powell, being 10 lengths clear of the second had just cleared his final hurdle. However, instead of going straight for home he mistakenly jumped another fence. This unfortunate mistake allowed for a photo finish for the, what would be, second and third placed horses. I bet the other jockeys couldn’t believe their luck.

5) Roger Loughran. Saving the most embarrassing till last, Roger Loughran had somehow mistaken the end of the railing for the finishing line. Embarrassingly, he stands up mid race celebrating with one arm in the air. Unfortunately for him this mistake is now forever circulating on the internet for hundreds of thousands of people to see. Not only that, this mistake earnt Loughran a 14 day ban and cost punters an estimated £1 million. Good going Roger.

TopsSam Hitchmough