IJF Members Exclusive - Pardubice

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Racing Breaks have teamed up with Tripsmith and the Injured Jockeys Fund (IJF) to bring its members an exclusive trip to the Velka Pardubicka. This is a unique race like no other and offers an amazing experience for racing fans. IJF members are invited to book this trip and enjoy exclusive tickets and a traditional folklore dinner.

The Velka Pardubicka; more simply referred to by the name of the course the Pardubice, is an extremely competitive cross-country steeplechase race run over 4 miles 506 yards. The record time for this is 8.56 minutes set by Ribelino in 2015.  This is one of the oldest European races in the calendar and has been taking place for 144 years. The race is not simply around an oval or circular track...it loops and winds around back on itself over mud, dirt and turf. There are 31 obstacles to be tackled on the way round, all of different style and structure, including hedges with and without ditches, Irish banks, water jumps, french jumps, and the famous extended taxis ditch. The taxis is only jumped once and consists of a 1m deep and 4m long ditch with a 1.5m high hedge. Horses taking part in the race must be at least 6 years old and must have qualified by finishing at least on of four qualifying races during the season.

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This exclusive package is only available to IJF members and includes everything you will need to enjoy a trip to the Czech Republic. Enjoy return flights from your preferred airport and a two-night stay in the luxurious five-star Marriott Prague (including breakfast) leaving you plenty of time to enjoy one of Europe’s greatest cities.

On the Saturday night before the main race day, members will be picked up by coach from the airport and transferred to an old folklore restaurant/beer garden. Here you will enjoy a traditional czech dining experience with unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks. The restaurant staff wear traditional dress and perform live music and dancing and you can join in if you wish to.

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On the day of the races, members will be picked up from the hotel and taken to Pardubice racecourse where you will enjoy box seats with full hospitality in an exclusive IJF box. To add to this, members will be joined in the box by one of Britain’s famous racing faces, Brough Scott. Brough will be there to guide guests through the race as well as share insights, anecdotes and tips.

A trip not to miss out on and the only way to make the most of this amazing race and city in one. Racing Breaks are partners with the IJF and strive to raise funds for the charity which ultimately help the recovery and rehabilitation of jockeys after suffering from injury during their riding career. A great cause and organisation to get involved with and members will have access to more Racing Breaks throughout the year.


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