Top 5 Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a city of non-stop hustle and bustle. There are some of the world’s top restaurants, bars, and brunch spots to enjoy some of the best food and cuisine from around the globe! As well as getting your teeth stuck into some delicious food, there are numerous places and sites to see.

So with most of us only stopping over for 5-6 days, it’s hard fitting all the best bits in, along with all the the great racing and Breakfast with the Stars but here are the top 5 things that we suggest fitting into your busy schedule.

1. The Burj Khalifa


The number one thing to do has to be a trip up the Burj Khalifa. Built in 2009 but construction started in way back 2004, well the tallest building in the world would never be built overnight. The views of the city from the top are truly breathtaking, and best seen at sunset. The sun sets at around 18.00 so to get the full effect we recommend getting up for around 16.30. Now there are a few ways of doing this, you can pay to go to Level 124 and 125 for around £50 per person at sunset; alternative timings are less costly so don’t be put off. The other option is to have a drink or dinner on floor 122 in the Atmosphere Restaurant, you can pre-book a window table and enjoy the view over dinner or drinks.

2. Bab Al Shams


Bab Al Shams the real life desert mirage, this place is made of dreams. Book a spa treatment in along with a day pass for the pool and check in to heaven.  We recommend booking a morning treatment, to get you relaxed for a day of doing nothing by the pool. You can then have lunch by the pool and head back to the city when you fancy! Bab Al Shams is about 40 minutes out of the city so just grab a taxi from your hotel and head off to this Bedouin Paradise.

3. Arabian Adventures Sundowner Desert Safari


Staying out the city we have the Arabian Adventures Sundowner Desert Safari, now you could roll this into one, after a day at Bab Al Shams you could get picked up from there and join. Alternatively they pick you up from most hotels. You can share a car with a maximum of four people or enjoy a private car to yourselves. This trip involves some crazy dune bashing with your guide driving up and down the sand dunes of the Dubai Desert, heading deeper and deeper until you reach the traditional Bedouin style tent in the middle of nowhere. You will then enjoy a glass of bubbles whilst watching the sun set and taking a few snaps for the photo album. If you are feeling brave and even more adventurous then make sure you get in a camel ride. Finally you can enjoy an Arabian Style buffet and belly dancing to see the night away. Safaris start at £168 per person.

4. The Dubai Mall


The Dubai Mall, this may sound just sound like any other shopping mall but do not be fooled. The Dubai Mall is a great place to head for a day/evening out, there is so much to do and see. I would recommend heading over early evening after sunset to catch one of the fountain shows at night, these happen every hour, get there early for a good view. Then from there you can see the Burj Khalifa and get your tourist picture! After that a little look around the shops and maybe a coffee or an ice cream to finish the night. You must then head to the aquarium, this can then be enjoyed from the outside or by getting a ticket and heading in.

5. The Atlantis Hotel


The Atlantis Hotel this is out on the palm which was man made, and over the years has been slowly building up the island. At the top of this is the Atlantis Hotel, the hotel has lots to do but number one on your list has to be the water park! Whether you have kids or not you can all be big kids for the day. The Water Park, Aquaventure,  is huge, has heated water (Wild Wadi doesn’t) great food and plenty of places to lay in the sun. The Atlantis is also where you can swim with dolphins, sea lions and even go diving in their Aquarium!

Samantha HillsComment