What Makes The Belmont Stakes Racing Tournament Peculiar?

One of the oldest horse racing event in the country is about to start this mid-year. The Belmont Stakes holding the most important reason for the U.S Triple Crown series will take place on June 8, 2019, in the race track of Elmont Park, New York. Truly, it is the most important race of the Triple Crown showdown because it is where the real Triple Crown superstar will be determined.

Besides, Kentucky Derby has recently concluded and Preakness Stakes in underway. If you are looking forward to bet for the Belmont Stakes, you may check the current odds found on their website. These odds will ultimately help you out in picking the right horse racer to bet.

For those who don’t know, the Triple Crown Series is composed of three major horse racing legs. The first one is the Kentucky Derby which will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2019, in the dirt track of Churchill Downs, Kentucky. Two weeks after the derby is the middle jewel which is the Preakness Stakes. This will be graced in Pimlico Park, Baltimore, Maryland on May 18, 2019. Finally, the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown showdown will commence on June 8, 2019, in Elmont Park, New York.

While the first two races stated deems an entertaining horse racing show, the Belmont Stakes is the most special among the three. Not only because it is the final leg of the Triple Crown Series, but it has also different unique traditional racing cultures that it follow. Here are the things you can look that makes Belmont Stakes special compared to the other races.

The Winner’s Blanket of Carnations

Through the years that the Belmont Stakes has existed, it follows a long tradition of the winner draped with a blanket of carnations in white shade. This is often given in a circular form. Ideally, the white carnations take about 10 hours to make which contains more than 300 carnations directly attached to each other in a velveteen cloth.

Looking back into the history of the first ever Triple Crown winner by the name of Secretariat, the Belmont Stakes organization had paved a way of making a statue for him in honor of his legacy to the Triple Crown tournament. In the same manner, his statue wore a garland of carnations the same with the carnation given to all Belmont Stakes winner and Triple Crown superheroes.

The Belmont Stakes Trophy

The signature trophy of the Belmont Stakes is usually made of solid silver with a covered bowl which is crafted originally by Tiffany. It was initially presented to the Belmont family way back in 1926 and has been adopted up until this day. The first person to won the said trophy was August Belmont Fenian which took place in 1869.

The trophy stands around 18 inches in length and 15 inches wide. The top cover shows a Fenian icon who was a winner of the third edition of Belmont Stakes ran in 1869. The whole trophy bowl is then supported by three horses namely Herod, Matchem, and Eclipse in which these horses are representatives of the Foundation Sires of Thoroughbreds.

The Belmont Stakes Theme Song

In the earlier days of the Belmont Stakes, the theme song being sung whenever the racing commemorates its anniversary annually is entitled “Sidewalks of New York”. It was only in 1977 when the official had to make necessary adjustments to make sure that they influence all kinds of ages. The soundtrack was officially changed to “New York, New York” a song that was written by Fred Ebb and John Kander. This song was also popularized by the famous all-time favorite ballader, Frank Sinatra.

This song is usually performed during the post-parade of the Belmont Stakes. This is often performed by a famous singer or a popular Broadway superstar.

The Belmont Stakes Official Drink

The original drink of the Belmont Stakes is named as White Carnations and usually seen to toast every Belmont event. It came across in 1977 when Dale DeGroff had to make necessary mixes to their official drink. The drink is called the Belmont Breeze and was introduced way back in 1998. It tastes different as what Mint Julep tastes for the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.

Ideally, your whole Belmont Stakes experience will not be complete without sipping a glass of Belmont Breeze. Although you’ll see some fans drinking a glass of beer, tasting the Belmont Breeze should bring your Triple Crown experience to a whole new level.

Other Belmont Stakes Traditions

Compared to other horse racing events, there are several Belmont Stakes traditions which lasted for several years and the legacy hasn’t changed over time. The biggest tradition that Belmont Stakes hold is the honor they give out to the past winners through a banquet feast which is held a night before the Belmont Stakes racing festival takes place.

Ideally, the whole Belmont racing festival is one of the most important racing of the Triple Crown Series. Aside from the fact that the Belmont Stakes is the conclusion of the Triple Crown showdown, the unique things outlined mentioned above is something that makes this racing more special.