Top 10 UK Rejected Horse Names

Horse racing. Perhaps best known for its historical roots, association with the royal family & a classy, elegant day out. However, these owners certainly take all the above and chuck it in the bin! In no particular order, here is our top 10 rejected UK horse names of all time!

It must be noted that some of the names we simply cannot post. Some are golden, others.. Well, I’ll leave it up to your imagination to figure that out.

10) Yoghurt Cannon - A far from flattering name has left innocent minds imagining squeezy yoghurt tubes being squeezed too quickly. Those of you who thought any different should bath in holy water and hang your heads in shame!


9) Yehbutnobutyeh - A reference from the hilarious Little Britain character Vicky Pollard which took the country by storm between 2000 - 2007. This horse would’ve had those of you who like to put your money on names, rather than any study on form certainly lumping £2.50 ew whenever this name popped up.


8) Hugh Gass - Something which Bart Simpson himself would’ve been proud of prank calling Moe’s tavern. A hilarious play on words and certainly worthy of making my top 10 list.

7) Nowyouratit - A very innocent British way to insult one another & one I personally find quite hilarious. I just have visions of this horse finishing last every time.

6) Ride Me Jockey - As I’m sure you could have predicted, there is a common theme of rude phrases going on here. If you listen closely enough you can hear the school children giggling in the background as the announcer calls this one out.

5) The Fat Jockey - I’m one of the biggest admirers for the work and effort jockeys go to in order to maintain their slim frame. However, just the thought of an overweight jockey trying to compete as he finishes stone dead last has a humorous connotation associated to it.

4) Prick - I'm not too sure this was a reference to sharp stabbing pain.

3) Chris P Nutts - I think this name was a little unfortunate to be rejected. It’s very close to the name I’d call my racehorse, if I had one (Chris P Bacon). Oh well, better luck next time!


2) Are We Dare Yet - You can’t help but say this name in your head and not imagine a Kevin & Perry-esque moody teenager in the back of the car moaning to their parents. Likewise, I’m sure there’d be a few moody Kevin & Perry-esque adults roaming around the racecourse after this horse loses.

1) Esajollygoodfello - Again, I struggle to see why this got rejected. An old time classic which would have been sure to be stuck in the heads of all the punters upon reading it.

Sam Hitchmough