Tips For Your First Professional Horse Race

Attending a horse race, or a multi-day horse racing event, is unlike any other professional sport. The venues are different, the atmospheres are unique, and ultimately it’s the animals, rather than the human athletes, that are the center of attention. Even the fact that spectators are largely neutral tends to stand out, as people hope for good races and a fun time rather than rooting hard for a given team or athlete.

All in all, as different as it is, it’s also something a lot of people fall in love with and never look back. And the better prepared you are for your first horse racing experience, the more likely you are to join the club. In that vein, we have a few general tips for your first professional horse race.

KYDerby_1 (1).jpg

Embrace The Style

We mentioned just now that the atmosphere tends to stand out at a horse racing event, and this is largely because of the spectators - and what they’re wearing. It’s customary to dress up for horse races, but also to do so in a somewhat theatrical style that’s unlike how you dress for anything else. What stands out most is the women’s hats. Look to this year’s Kentucky Derby and some of the best hats that were highlighted there, and you’ll begin to get the picture. These are colorful, mind-blowing, thoroughly adorned hats that are sometimes referred to as “outrageous” in a complimentary way. So, both through a hat and the rest of your outfit, the first tip for a first pro horse race is to embrace the fashion.

Consider Placing A Bet

Betting is part of horse racing, maybe more so than any other sport. That doesn’t mean you have to put any significant amount of money on a race to enjoy it, nor that you have to partake if you aren’t comfortable. However, the odds for major races are readily available, and usually even a tiny bet will be accepted. Because it’s more or less part of the culture, this is worth considering. Plus, with a little bit of money on a race here and there, you might just find that you’re more interested in the racing outcomes, given that you probably don’t have a specific horse to cheer on otherwise.

Mind The Schedule Carefully

If you want your first professional horse race to be a special experience, you should mind the schedule carefully and make sure you’re catching a major event. There are big races and racing festivals all year long, all over the world, which means you can have your pick of destination and occasion. More specifically though, Racing Breaks keeps tabs on upcoming meetings and can keep you posted from one week to the next if you’re trying to plan a trip in the near future.

Go Early, Stay Late

The idea here is that you just want to get the most out of a first day at the races. These days tend to be fairly long and consist of numerous races, as well as general activity around the grounds. So, at least the first time, consider going early and staying late. You’ll have a chance to socialize, get the lay of the land, grab a bite to eat, place a bet, and have a cocktail or two all throughout the day, such that you have a great time even without the races factored in.