Things to do Near Aintree Racecourse

The home of the Grand National steeplechase is always an exciting place to be as it hosts arguably the most famous race in the world. Ever since 1836, when steeplechasing was first introduced at Aintree, people have visited the village located only 5.5 miles from the Liverpool city centre.

However, it is not only horse racing that Aintree is famous for and there are various places and activities that you can visit and do once you get there. All of them are pretty close to the Aintree racecourse so they will all be easily accessible if you wish to take a break from horse racing.

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Anfield Stadium

Located only 3.3 miles from the Aintree racecourse, Liverpool’s stadium is the perfect place to visit when taking a break from horse racing. The price for the full tour of the stadium is pretty reasonable considering that you are visiting the home of one of the greatest football clubs in the world.

Furthermore, the tour guides taking you through the stadium’s museum and around the stands are also quite knowledgeable and are also open to all of your questions and enquires. While you are there, make sure to also visit the Liverpool museum where you can see many trophies and memorabilia from famous players, such as the recently knighted Kenny Dalglish.

Aintree Golf Centre

Located only 350 metres from Aintree racecourse, the Aintree Golf Centre is the perfect place to visit if you want to take a break from all that wagering. The Aintree Golf Centre is a great place to perfect your golfing skills, to kill some time, enjoy in the scenery, or just take in the surroundings by spending time at the bar.

Since there are so many things to do there, chances are that you will lose track of time and might miss some horse races while you are away from the racecourse. The Aintree Golf Centre does have wireless Internet though, and any wagers that you fail to make at the racecourse, you can make at the golf centre by betting at NetBet.

Bubble Football

There is a bubble football venue located only a mile away from the Aintree racecourse. Those of you who have tried bubble football know just how exciting and funny the game can be.

Trying to navigate the pitch while half of your body is inside a bubble is difficult in itself, but navigating it while your mates are doing their best to prevent you from scoring is so funny that we guarantee that you will return.

A Beatles Taxi Tour

The Beatles taxi tour is something that you must do when you are in Liverpool. The tour focuses on the lives and careers of the four Beatles and takes place in a psychedelic cab inspired by the custom Rolls Royce that John Lennon owned. There is more than one Beatles tour in Liverpool so there is a chance that you will end up in a different tour. However, considering the passion of the tour guides doing these tours, you should be ok.