A week in the life of Mick 12th February

Mick is feeling much better and is walking Serge as we speak, he said he hates to see a racecourse abandoned but was pleased not to miss Fakenham as it’s one of his favourite courses.

We catch up about the fantastic racing from Newbury at the weekend, where we saw ALTIOR triumph again and in Micks words, ALTIOR is the real deal. He thought it was like he had never been away. ALTIOR of course wasn’t the only star of the week NATIVE RIVER made his come back too and Mick said he looked as fit as a flea and is now a real player for the Gold Cup.


This week for Mick is a little different he will of course be at Ascot on Saturday, where CUE CARD, TOP NOTCH and CONEY ISLAND will go head to head. It’s getting closer to the festival and the last of the trials are wrapping up so everyone is getting a little nervous and will be very careful what they run and when.

Before that though Mick and Oli Bell are going the the Ebony Horse Club in Brixton. If you haven’t heard of them, take two minutes of your time and watch this video.

Mick and Oli are going to help out at the club and see what they can do to help, it is an amazing charity and has touched many hearts in the racing industry. We are really looking forward to hearing more about it next week.

If you too would like to donate please go HERE.

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