Hats Off

Royal Ascot is now officially TWO WEEKS away and if like me you are slightly disorganised and do not yet have a hat for the occasion, then fear not, there is still time!


For gentlemen, it’s pretty simple, you only need a top hat if you are in the Royal Enclosure however, lots of people like to still dress in Top Hat and Tails anyway. If you don’t have your own Morning Suit, you can hire one from your local tailor or places like Moss Bros. You can also hire your hat from there too. A traditional top hat is made of silk but are rarely made anymore and are hard to find brand new but you can get a second hand/vintage one from various places...it’s always worth a browse on eBay! Ranging from £50 to over £1000, I would recommend spending around £100 for a decent one that will do the job.


For ladies attending Royal Ascot, things are a little more technical when it comes to dress code and the correct attire. To help, here is a break down of the dress code by the different enclosures.

The Windsor Enclosure

There is no strict dress code in the Windsor Enclosure but, it is nice to dress up for the occasion and wear something summery and sophisticated. There are some examples of what you can wear below!

It’s recommended that ladies wear a hat or fascinator however, it is not a requirement. We feel that when making the effort with a nice dress or jumpsuit for the races, a hat or headpiece can finish off your outfit really nicely.

The Village Enclosure and The Queen Anne Enclosure

A hat or headpiece should be worn at all times.

The Village Enclosure has no specifics on sizes so any style and size is fine.

In the Queen Anne and Village enclosure there are no specifics on sizes but you must wear something on your head. There are such a variety of hats and headpieces all ranging in price; it really depends on how much you want to spend. You can hire from local hat shops from £30 to £100, or you can buy from any department store like Debenhams or John Lewis. Some other places which are great finds for hats are TK Maxx or charity shops. You will be surprised the bargains you can find when you look a little harder! We have had a little search online and found some of the best for you for a range of budgets.

The Royal Enclosure

Hats should be worn at all times however, a headpiece which has a solid base of 4 inches (10cm) or more in diameter is acceptable as an alternative to a hat. Fascinators are not permitted.

The Royal Enclosure is the strictest of all the enclosures in terms of hats, so be careful not to be caught out. Ascot are hot on their rules and often make you change if you don’t adhere to the rules.

Hopefully this has helped you finish off your outfit and remember its still not too late to book tickets and packages- https://www.racingbreaks.com/events/royal-ascot