The Pocket size Fashion Guide for Aintree


Now it’s still tweed and winter racing attire season but you will struggle to find much of either here! These girls really don’t feel the cold and with the current weather predictions they will feel it even less. The girls in Liverpool are known for their glamour and fashion statements and the Grand National is their oscars so don’t be left out!

Now if like me you aren’t as brave as these girls and really do feel the cold you can bring your own warm twist so you don’t feel left out!

Number 1 rule try inject some colour to your look, I am a big lover of black, black and more black but to fit in here try and add something bright to your look. If you have your trusty black coat, team this with a bright bag and shoes or a bright headpiece or hat.

Now if you don’t plan on taking your coat off all day that’s fine but with the weather looking good and the after parties looking even better make sure you have a show stopper underneath! Block colours work really well and are easy to plan the rest of your outfit with, plus they go from a day to night look very easily, so when you find yourself in Playground at 3am you won’t look down and feel out of place. Keep it tailored and dressy.

Shoes! One of my favourite words, the key to what type of shoes you wear racing is comfort! This is a long day, often stood on concrete and will involve lots of walking, whether it’s from the bookies to the bar or from the taxi to the club you will be on them all day so be kind to them! Don’t think this means you have to look like a housewife but it’s not the place for a stripper heel!


Now normally I would suggest packing your overcoats but it looks set to be a gorgeous few days so rather than take it and leave it in a bar I think you will be fine! Like the girls the boys here really like to go for it and will be in their best suits and ties. Yes I said ties, I believe men should never go racing without one especially for the Grand National! Whether it’s a three piece or two piece a suit is a must, the nightlife here is all about looking smart so don’t worry about standing out you will fit right in trust me!

The day is full of fabulous fashion and amazing people watching so be sure to make an effort, Aintree is one of my favourite days out and I hope it will be yours too!

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Samantha Hills