The Royal Ascot Picnic

There are lots of reasons why Royal Ascot is like nowhere else and one big reason is the picnics! Whether you have the catered picnic with silverwear in Car Park 1 (Yes this is a thing) or it’s you and few friends with some prosecco and plastic cups, this is the time to give it a go!

 Food- Lets keep it simple!

 Sandwiches- These are a very important part of one’s picnic, firstly they are filling at the start of the day and if you don’t eat much once inside this will be a saving grace! Secondly They help soak up the alcohol at the end of the day, especially good if you have a friend who has had a few two many! As for fillings, the classic smoked salmon, ham and if you feel really fancy cucumber will cater for everyone!

Top tip- The picnic is not just for before racing it’s even more vital after so don’t get greedy!

 Snacks- Again line that stomach! Crisps are a must, try opt for a fancy looking one! A pork pie never goes amiss, scotch eggs and if you have the time cocktail sausages!

 Something Sweet- It may sound silly but sometimes you will just need a sugar pick me up, you can get those tubs of mini brownies or a good old pack of Haribo works great too!

Drinks- The most important bit! Bottled water is a must, racing is thirsty work and it’s set to be a scorcher so please pack some!

 Top 5 Picnic tipples-

Pimms- Everyone's summer favourite! Make sure you pre-cut your fruit and pop in a plastic tub, then it’s just the lemonade and pimms to add!

 G&T- A great way to start and end the day! Hendricks with cucumber works particully well in the sun!

 Prosecco- Everyone loves a glass of bubbles and why not make yours stand out by adding Gin, Elderflower Cordial, Crushed Ice, Cucumber Slice, Lime Wedge, Mint Sprig Garnish (but not all at once….). Pre cut the lime and cucumber to save any messing around! If you are taking your picnic on course just skip the gin for this one, check our picnic rules below!

 Bellini- Is there a better way to start the day? All you will need is prosecco or champagne, and peach juice! Again perfect to take into the course too!

 Mimosa- Last but by no means least the queen of the breakfast drinks! Prosecco, orange juice and triple sec for that extra kick!

 Top Tip- Ice packs and bags of ice to keep your drinks cool all day in an ice box, then when you are leaving the races ask for a glass of ice from the bar to top up!

 Don’t forget- Platic glasses, napkins, wet wipes (for any spills or stains on dresses!) Flat shoes for after racing, picnic blanket for the floor or back of the car to lean on and not get dirty!

The picnic rules!

Please note that picnics are permitted in the Windsor and Heath Enclosures only. Queen Anne Enclosure, Village Enclosure and Royal Enclosure guests are welcome to enjoy a picnic in car and coach parks (see below).

If you purchase a picnic from Ascot Racecourse, the price of our picnics do not include admission to the racecourse - picnics have to be collected from inside the racecourse, therefore, you will need to also have an admission ticket.  Please do not purchase a picnic ticket unless you have an admission ticket, as picnics tickets are non-refundable and admission sells out prior to the event on most days.

Picnics must be brought to the racecourse in a picnic hamper or cool bag/box. Picnics must be brought in at the time of entry to the enclosure and not on re-entry.

If you are coming with a large group and your picnic and Sparkling Wine or Champagne is divided among your hampers, please all arrive together (please see our alcohol policy below).  Otherwise individuals arriving with more alcohol than food will have to dispose of the excess alcohol. Sharp bladed kitchen knives will not be permitted.

No food, drinks or snacks are permitted to be brought into the Royal Enclosure, Queen Anne Enclosure or Village Enclosure.

In the Windsor and Heath Enclosures Only – To embrace the celebratory nature of Royal Ascot, each customer (over the age of 18) is permitted to bring with them one regular bottle of sparkling wine or champagne to accompany their picnic.  No other type of alcoholic drink will be permitted into the racecourse grounds and all picnics will be searched on entry.  Our premises license permits the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises only and may not leave the Racecourse. Please note that soft drinks will only be permitted into the enclosure with seals intact.

There are a substantial number of bars available inside the enclosures.  We will even be offering bars on the move bringing drinks directly to you to enhance your day with us. For clarity, bottles of Beer, Cider, Spirits, fortified wines and bottles of Pimm’s or similar will not be allowed onto the racecourse. Alcoholic or soft drinks are not permitted to be brought into the Royal Enclosure, Queen Anne Enclosure or Village Enclosure.

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