6 Horse Racing Tips You'll Love in 2018

Horse racing is one of the hardest markets to bet on because it can throw up some unexpected results. Many punters have won and lost big sums of money in some of the most bizarre circumstances. It’s what makes the sport so exciting for punters and horse racing fanatics around the world. However, horse racing should be taken seriously if you’re a punter looking to cash in on your own research. 2018 is a big year as far as horse racing enthusiasts are concerned. With more than 10 major horse racing events taking place across the country, it could be the perfect time to revitalise your betting strategies, so you walk away with some cash in your back pocket. If you haven’t had much luck on the multiple horse racing events in recent weeks, have a look at some of the below tips that will improve your chances.

1) Always Count Horses Out!

When it comes to any horse racing event, it’s not all about choosing a horse based on its recent form, it’s also about trying to count other horses out of the race. It’s a good idea to consider the odds in this instance, which you can stay up to date with by checking the BetVictor horse racing section. If you’re betting on an eight-runner event and four of the horses are priced at more than 30-40/1, the chances are the favourites could be the valuable option if they are priced at evens or something similar. Of course, 30/1 long shots and even higher do win regularly, but if you can get good prices on favourites when other horses don’t look good on form, they could be the wise option. It’s not just the odds you need to consider either. It’s also crucial you look at the distance in which each horse has run in recent events. Many trainers put horses in a race simply to increase their stamina. So, if a horse has run previous races at distances of 1M and 1M 2f respectively, a race at a distance of 2M or more could give them a test that’s too much and too soon. These could also be horses that you can count out of races if the favourites look more superior and have proven they can go longer distances already.

2) Look at the Negatives of the Favourite’s Recent Form

The favourite is the favourite for a reason, and that’s simply because other punters around the world favour that horse to win. It has absolutely no reflection on how the race unfolds. In fact, all favourites have some negative points in terms of their recent form. For example, a horse could be racing in a higher grade race this time around, even though they’ve won their last five in a lower grade. They might be the preferred option because they’ve won their last five races, but there could be multiple horses that have the experience of winning that specific race for that grade. Look back at form history rather than just the last few races. 

3) Create a Strategy and Stick to It

We’ve all been hyped when reading about horse race betting strategies that are guaranteed to turn into profits. However, they rarely work. There’s no strategy out there that can guarantee profits when betting on horses. Plenty of skill and research is necessary and sometimes even that’s not enough to secure a profit. What’s more important is that you create your own strategy and stick to it. This means sticking to the same staking pattern, only betting on events you know, and only parting with your money if you’re confident of your selections. Many punters out there will put any sum of money on any racing event in the hope that they will get lucky. Sometimes it pays off but other times it does not. If you’re serious about gaining an advantage over the bookmakers, it starts with discipline and sticking to your own strategies. 

4) Never Chase Your Losses

As stated above, always stick to your staking plan and stay disciplined, regardless of previous betting results. It’s very easy to stake £10 and lose and then another £20 on the next race just to chase your losses and maybe walk away with a small profit. This could work a lot, but you’ll lose a lot more in the long run. If your staking plan is £10, always stick to it and you’ll find you have a bigger bank at the end of each day to keep betting on the next. A good example of a good strategy is to only bet £10 on a favourite of odds of more than 4/1. This will give you three races to bet on and, therefore, three chances of walking away with a small profit. You’ll only need to win once out of the four races to walk away with your money back. One slight change in your staking plan could be the difference in making a loss.

5) Block Out the Odds

Another excellent tip to consider is to not even look at the odds while you’re doing your research. Many punters only bet on horses if their odds look valuable, rather than what they’ve researched. Odds change considerably just because punters put more money on a horse than another. Ultimately, it could mean that odds don’t necessarily represent the true chances of a horse winning or losing. Of course, before you place a bet, you need to ensure the odds meet your strategies. However, it’s always worth doing your research on a horse beforehand, just so you can come up with your own evaluation. You can look at some of the latest horse racing odds by clicking here once you’ve compiled your research reports.

6) Research Other Punters

Thanks to the thousands of horse racing-related websites on the net, it’s now easier for punters just like you to take advantage of the many tips available. Such tips aren’t always

accurate, but they can be used as part of your research process to give you a bigger advantage. There are thousands of resources when it comes to horse racing tips, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do your own research first and then compare it with another punter to see if you’ve missed out any important points. Other punters might closely monitor trainers and jockeys and that could be something you don’t know how to monitor or don’t have the time to monitor. Some punters visit the racecourses regularly, so they might know a little bit more about the tracks and their conditions. Spend time looking at other punter’s information and you could greatly increase your chances.

In conclusion, the more time you spend doing research, the more chance you’re going to have of walking away with a profit. As stated above, horse racing is one of the hardest markets to win on, but it’s still within your power to gain more information if you’re willing to spend the time doing it. Discipline is, of course, just as important as research, as it’ll help you know when it’s time to walk away if the day isn’t going right. Always stick to your betting strategies and you’ll find you will have more money to work with for longer periods of time.  

Credit: Emily Roberts.

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